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A Highschool where you can develop your martial arts, mage or healing abilities.
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 School Rules

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PostSubject: School Rules   Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:44 pm

A school without rules would be so cool, and so lame. =P

1. Absolutely no fighting on school grounds without permission. So Silvers and Golds, no beating up Bronzes.

2. You shall attend all of your classes, on time and with respect.

3. No smoking or possessing tobacco, using or distributing alcohol, drugs and/or other noxious substances on school property.

3. Bronzes must wear the school uniform.

4. No money shall be handed or given out to anyone on school grounds.

5. You shall show respect to your teachers and the students that are of higher rank than yourself.

6. You shall not use desrespectul, abusive, threatening language or intimadating gestures to anyone, regardless of what rank they may be.

7. Vandalism, stealing property belonging to others or the school could result in expulsion.

8. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the consequences below:

-review of code of conduct expectations.
-separation from others or removal from class.
-restitution for damage to property.
-an apology.
-an interview with school administrators.
-daily communication with home.
-interview with parents/guardians.
-involvement of the police.
-deduction of points.

~; ahh-lexis ! ♥
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School Rules
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