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A Highschool where you can develop your martial arts, mage or healing abilities.
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 Sadous's Dormitory

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PostSubject: Sadous's Dormitory   Wed Jul 02, 2008 2:47 pm

Sadous sat in his cramped dorm. Only enough room for his bed, dresser, and a desk with a chair. Most of his things shoved under the bed he took a seat on top of the bed and let out a sigh. His raven perched himself onto the back of the chair and was looking out the small rectangular window, his head tilted slightly to the side. Sadous lent back against the wall, closing his eyes and letting himself rest before class. Suddenly he gasped, "Shi-" He mumbled and sat up, leaning down and reaching out from under the bed he pulled out a piece of paper and pen, and checked his watch, "I'm not gonna catch the mailman if i don't write quicker." He said to himself, as he began writing in a hurried pace. His raven Squawked at him, and Sadous quickly finished, and folded it up into thirds. Then he stuffed it into and envelope and burst out the door, closing it quickly he ran down the hall trying hard as he could to reach the mailman before he left, constantly checking his watch.
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Sadous's Dormitory
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