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A Highschool where you can develop your martial arts, mage or healing abilities.
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 Flower Bed

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PostSubject: Flower Bed   Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:33 pm

Zero lay on a patch of grass. His class was going to start soon and Karen was nowhere in sight.

"I wonder how long I'll have to wait. Then again, I can get to class faster than anyone else so... There she is!" Zero shot up onto his feet. A raven-haired girl walked towards him. She wore the school uniform, but she was clearly a Silver.

"Sorry to make you wait, master. I had a few errands to run. I hope we won't be late." Karen said bowing.

"It's OK Karen, and please don't bow. If anyone should be bowing, it's me." Zero said, grasping Karen hand. Zero was extra nice to Karen ever since he found out about her illness. Though Karen herself does not know, she suffers from an unknown disease which seems to be suppressed by her positive emotions.

"You said you wanted to show me something right? I take it, whatever you want to show me is in a different area right? So, I guess, that means we're 'Jumping', right?." Karen asked, looking at the hand Zero was holding her with. Zero simply nodded and grabbed Karen's waist, pulling her closer. Karen's face flushed as she took in a deep breath. With a small swooshing sound, the pair had disappeared from the garden they were in.

With another swooshing sound, the couple reappeared in another, more extraordinary, garden. Zero let Karen go, and let her look around the garden.

"Zero, this is marvellous! But, are we allowed here?" she asked worried.

"Relax, this place is still with out borders. Well, half of it anyway. That big Pine there marks the border. The other half is Gold territory." Zero assured her.

Karen fell in love with the garden. She could not believe her eyes. Zero smiled. He had expected, no, He had prayed for this kind of reaction.

"Master, I thing we should get to class now." Karen said after looking around.

"Right, let's go. And please stop calling me 'Master'. Zero is fine with me." Zero said, once again taking hold of Karen's waist. This time, before they 'Jumped', Karen pressed her lips against Zero's, kissing him.

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Flower Bed
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