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A Highschool where you can develop your martial arts, mage or healing abilities.
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 Hallway (Between Healing and Martial Arts )

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PostSubject: Hallway (Between Healing and Martial Arts )   Sat Jul 05, 2008 1:31 pm

Zero walked into an empty hallway. It was about time for him to skip his detentions. Zero snapped his fingers. Suddenly, 2 exact copies of himself appeared before him. Zero looked them over. He was used to making clones, but was cautious about it. He wanted to ensure they were identical to him.

"You can look as much as you want, but you will find we are identical to you in every physical way." The cone on Zero's left said.

"You're right. In every physical way, and almost mentally too. Only thing is, you don't have free-will. Now, listen up! You go to Mr. Souma's class for detention. When you finish, report back to the dorm room." Zero commanded. The clone to his right nodded in agreement and walked back to the classroom. "You come with me, but hide your face please." Zero added to the remaining clone.

The pair walked to Mr. Hirshfelt's classroom. No one was there.

"You hide around this area, and when Hirshfelt returns, you go in and serve detention, then go back to the room too. Now hand over the mask." Zero said holding out a hand. The clone took off his mask and handed it to Zero. Zero then got out a palm-sized spell book and flipped through the pages.

Here we go. Zero "Cambia!" Zero said pointing to his face with the mask.His face suddenly changed so that he appeared to be someone else completely. He then stored the spell book in his coat pocket, and put on his mask. It was time to go check on Karen.
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Hallway (Between Healing and Martial Arts )
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