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A Highschool where you can develop your martial arts, mage or healing abilities.
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 Yasuka Ito (Completed)

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Yasuka Ito


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PostSubject: Yasuka Ito (Completed)   Tue Jul 15, 2008 4:52 pm

Name: Yasuka Ito
Age: 17
Gender: female
DoB: 13/11/1990
Rank: Silver
Appearance: avatar ^^

Abilities: Martial Arts, Mage Arts

Personality: Yasuka is a very intelligent person. Because of this, a good strategy is often her greatest advantage in a fight. In addition, she loves learning and the challenge it provides.
Although this may be a good personality trait, Yasuka tends to be quite lazy at times, trusting on her ability to remember everything from just reading or seeing it once.
Yasuka is a self-confident but not very outgoing person. She likes to be alone and rarely makes attempts to befriend other people. She is also rather quiet, just thinking her opinion most times, not telling it to others. The only occasion where she really begins to talk is when she’s learning something interesting in a lesson or out of the book and wants to discuss it with someone.

Special Characteristics: Always carries her katana with her though she doesn’t get to use it very often. She also has a tattoo on her right hip. It’s the Japanese sign for Bravery.

Elemental Magic and Weaponry, mostly with a Katana or other types of swords. Her favourite element is fire though she has yet to master one of the elements completely. For now, she just includes them in her attacks and has mastered them partly.

Elemental Combat
Includes one of the elements (Fire, Water, Air, Lightning, Earth in the form of mud) in Martial Arts, used to hit an opponent from a distance or to hit several at once.

Elemental Defence
Summons one of the elements (Fire, Water, Air, Lightning, Earth) for defensive purposes. Usually used in the form of a wall or something similar that blocks an attack.

Elemental Sword:
Surrounds a sword – in Yasuka’s case mostly her Katana – with one of the elements (Fire, Water, Lightning in this case). Used for stronger attacks.

Rope Trap
Uses ropes that are able to move on their own to immobilise an opponent.

Quick Spin
The user crouches down when avoiding an attack, then whips their foot in a circle over the floor while spinning around quickly, knocking the opponent’s legs away. While still spinning, the user stands again, draws a weapon if possible/ necessary and keeps the opponent in check if they haven’t been able to get up.

Yasuka was born into what could be called the High-Society. With her birth, she was expected to be the perfect child in every way possible – the perfect daughter, to be exact. The first ten years of her life were spent learning how to behave on society events and other meetings. It was always expected of her to become a wife and mother once – maybe have a small job, but nothing more.
Upon turning 12, Yasuka heard about the IA from friends of her family who had sent their son there. The following yearwas spent trying to convince her parents to allow her to go there. But while her mother truly considered the idea after having noticed Yasuka’s ability to manipulate the elements, her father was strictly against it, saying it wasn’t proper for a young lady of her decent to indulge in such activities.
As everything Yasuka tried failed, she finally gave up – only to run away from home, following the boy she knew was visiting the IA to join. To her surprise, she was successful.
After being taken as a student, Yasuka sent a letter to her mother, telling her where she was. It took her parents months to finally accept her status as a student of the IA and only when she reached the Silver Rank did they finally make peace. Now, Yasuka is set on becoming a better fighter and move to Gold some time.

Role-Playing Sample:
Yasuka was walking along the corridor, reading her latest book about Martial Arts. Today’s lesson had been interesting indeed. She was surprised how this school always managed to teach her some new stuff when she felt she was just about to get bored. Smiling, Yasuka turned her attention fully to the text – the knowledge – at hand.
Walking further down the corridor on her way to lunch, she didn’t notice someone coming her way.
Before she knew it, Yasuka had bumped into the other person coming her way. Looking up, she noticed a boy who was a bit older than her – also a Silver Rank. Ignoring his furious glare she stepped to the side and was just about to continue her reading when she was suddenly pulled back by a strong grip on her wrist.
The other student was still glaring at her.
“Apologise,” he demanded.
Yasuka just raised her right eyebrow in a mocking fashion, then looking at her wrist which was still locked in his grasp, asking him silently to let go of her.
The other student seemed to grow even more furious, but just before any of them could make another move, a teacher turned around the corner and the two jumped away from each other as if burned.
“This isn’t done yet,” the student whispered before leaving her standing in the hallway, wondering when they would meet again so SHE could finish this. Yasuka smirked. At least he was interesting.

Frosted Flakes...
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PostSubject: Re: Yasuka Ito (Completed)   Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:23 pm

Right down to the frosted flakes.
Approved! ^^

~; ahh-lexis ! ♥
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Yasuka Ito (Completed)
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