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A Highschool where you can develop your martial arts, mage or healing abilities.
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 Jarax Ulhart

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Jarax Ulhart

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PostSubject: Jarax Ulhart   Sun Jul 20, 2008 7:21 pm

Name: Jarax Ulhart
Age: 26
DoB: 18/4/82
Rank: Bronze

Abilities: Martial Arts, Magic arts
Personality:Jarax is a very quiet person he normally speaks to no-one he also has a very dark and violent side to him that when angered he will unleash to the greater extent even if it means killing.
Special Characteristics: Jarax has a large mark on his chest that he was given when born this mark is the source of his magical power and was given to him by a dark necromancer


Martial arts:

Quick kick combo: Jarax unleashes a flurry of kicks in quick conssesion cause great damage to the opponent if they all hit.

Major head butt: Jarax charges at the opponent then jumps up and headbutt the enemy this move can shatter skulls bother the opponents and the users and leave the user open for an attack as they are rather stunned aftewards

Iron Punch: Using brute strength the user throws everything into one devestaing punch used mainly to break bones.

Magic Arts:

Bone shield: Using dark magic Jarak summons a sheild of bones to protect him from melee and ranged damage

Undead rising: Jarax summons 2 skeletons from the bag of bones he carries with him attached to his robes. this takes alot of concentration to use and it also takes time.

Dark ball: holding his palm upwards jarax creates a ball of darkness that can the thrust at an ememy causing great fire like damage.

Field of darkness: Jarax creates a field of darkness that covers the enemy blinding them to anything outside the field.

Strength drain: Jarax curses the enemy draining their strength making them frail and unable to weild a weapon. This magic takes alot out of the user so should only be used when battles turn sour

History/Story: Jarax was born in a small village, a rather quiet village and unknown to the villages Jarax's parents had made a deal with a local necromancer that their son would become his apprentice. On the day he was born Jarax had a cursed mark placed upon him by the necromancer this mark was a symbol or dark evil power that would be unlocked on jarax 10th birthday.

As years went on Jarax grew up normally knowing nothing of his parents deal or of the meaning of the mark on his chest that was until he turned ten.

On that day a stranger came calling and as he entered the room where jarax was sleeping a great pain spread across jarax chest the power was being awoken and great evil memories spread to jarax's head from that day on he served under the necromancer doing his bidding learning the dark ways until his master died and jarax took his place.

Role-Playing Sample:
Jarax stood in a darkened wood the owls made sounds in the trees. Jarax looked around to see if anyone was there with him when he was sure he was along he took a pouch from his robes and emptied its contents onto the ground, a small stack of bones fell from the pouch. "Umana ooro nalam uthrma telmenka" Jarax spoke. the bones started to shake and move then the ground beneith them started to crack and open two hunched over skeletal warrior rose up and bowed to their master "We serve our dark lord forever and always till the next may come" on spoke on an un-nearving and gutteral tone. Jarax let out a burst of hiddeous laughter and grinned as he sent his minions to go forth and do evil in anyway they could.
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PostSubject: Re: Jarax Ulhart   Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:06 pm

Dude, that is overkill. i think you should give the rules another look. For example, 26 is too old for a student, and your powers are extreme, try fixing it or becoming a teacher.
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PostSubject: Re: Jarax Ulhart   Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:27 pm

Zero has no permission to post here.. >_>


~26 is too old for a Bronze..
~Your Martial Arts Skills are wayy too powerful for a Bronze. Remove them and make new ones or edit them.
~For your Mage Arts, all of them, except for Bone Shield and Field of Darkness, you'll need to edit or remove.
~Explain how you got enrolled into Imperial in your history.

~; ahh-lexis ! ♥
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PostSubject: Re: Jarax Ulhart   

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Jarax Ulhart
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