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A Highschool where you can develop your martial arts, mage or healing abilities.
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 Shiro Ukiku"Frosted Flakes"

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Shiro Ukiku

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PostSubject: Shiro Ukiku"Frosted Flakes"   Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:19 pm

Name:Shiro Ukiku

Age: 14


DoB: Apr 29 1994

Rank: Bronze

Appearance: Good

Bad (With mask on face.)

Abilities: Mage/Medical

Personality:Shiro(Good): Shiro is really sneaky and shy. He loves climbing trees and with his enemies he always place pranks. He has a passion for weird things. He also enjoys playing around with his roomate. He hates gross people and cocky. He most of all hates loud mouths.

Shiro(Bad):Shiro gets really sneaky, cold and heartless. He is completly not Shiro. He kills with no regret. He has a bloodlust, killing intent and does not care about anyone.

Special Characteristics: Split Personality: Shiro when good is just a normal boy but when he is in a close death situation or when really mad. A mask starts going over his face. This mask changes his personality drasticaly and increases his strenght, magic, medical and speed power. The voice of the mask is mixed with Shiro's voice and a evil voice. The voice can also help him in the classes but Shiro prefers not to.

Skills: Magic

San Jou Toku- Three Imperial Shields: Shiro using his basic magic creates a small triangular shield strong enough to block a minor Bronze powered spell and a minor physical hit. This spell can be broken by a attack stronger than the shield. Another weakness is that this shield only covers the front of his body leaving the back open.

Mahi Supero- Paralyisis Spell: Shiro using his magic is able to temporaly paralyse a opponent or animal for the most one minute. This spell can be broken by a reverse spell or expert martial arts. This spell increses by rank.

Jou Bakuha-Imperial Blast: Shiro focuses magic energy in the palm of his hands and is able to throw multiple magic energy blast or throw a huge wave of magic energy at the opponent. The spell can be deflected with a defense spell or another blast of energy.


Chiyu Hira-Healing Palm: Shiro focuses healing energy to his palms and heals minor injuries like small cuts and bruises. This technique gets stronger by rank.

Houtai Ryou- Bandage Skill: Shiro uses his healing powers and infuses it with anything like leaves, grass or anything to create temporary bandages.

History/Story: Shiro was part of a rich family called Ukiku. They were really powerful until Shiro was born. He was born with a evil magic spirit. This spirit was very unstable so almost every moment it was released. The monster then kept destroying everything until it even destroyed the safe keeping the family fortuned. His parents hated him and they noticed that he was gifted with magic. Shiro always loved healing people so with the left over money they got a tutor that taught him basic magic and healing. Shiro was going to be away for three months. The tutor was happy with him after he mastered the basics. His tutor then taught him to supress his other personality
During Shiro was away his parents found oil in their backyard. They became rich. They then moved away to a far away home.
Shiro then found out about it and he was really mad that they abandoned him. His tutor for the first time saw the his other side of his personality. The mask then formed around his face and he grew stronge. "You wil die!!!!!," Shiro growled. He then appeared behind his tutor with one finger. "What a weakling." He then left the house and went to Imperial Academy to learn magic and healing.

Role-Playing Sample: Shiro kept walking towards to the academy until he collapsed from exaustion. A man found him laying down. He woke up and saw the man. "Are you Ok?," said the man. "Yeah im fine." Shiro was on the bed. "Well I enrolled you into Imperial Academy. I saw that you had lots of money in your pocket," said the man. "Thank you, sir." Shiro then slept again.
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PostSubject: Re: Shiro Ukiku"Frosted Flakes"   Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:31 pm


Your Skills just nearly saved your History.
But as you move on, try updating it, mk?
Approved. ^^

~; ahh-lexis ! ♥
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Shiro Ukiku"Frosted Flakes"
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